Dance Classes in Newent & Mitcheldean.         
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Code of Conduct

In order for classes to run efficiently and to encourage manners and respect in the studio, please adhere to the following:
We kindly ask that each student…

  • Must arrive at least 5 minutes before class to be ready and warmed up
  • Must leave belongings in the caravan as the smaller studio is often required during class time
  • Must wait to be invited into the studio, and if late, must knock before entering
  • Must pay the fees to a member of staff so that it can be marked off (if payment has been forgotten, please let someone know so again it can be marked in the book)

Please note that if there are any problems with fees, you may speak confidentially to Miss Sarah or Miss Monica.

  • Must be suitably dressed for the class, with correct footwear and hair tied back appropriately (a list of school uniform can be provided and is detailed on the noticeboard and on the website)
  • Must be respectful of the teacher(s) at all times
  • No food or drink should be taken into the studio, unless Miss Sarah has agreed otherwise for exceptional circumstances
  • Must let Miss Sarah know if you cannot attend class for whatever reason
  • In the event of exams or performances, 100% commitment is required from students and parents, and Miss Sarah may use her discretion when selecting for either.
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