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Street Dance & Hip hop Classes

Who rules the world, Girls!

Street Dance is the generic umbrella term for dance styles which have evolved since kids took to the streets to hang out, listen to music and dance to express themselves and have fun. Over the years, this style of dancing has made its way into dance schools and studios where professionals have picked it up and polished it, fusing it with trained dance disciplines and generally put their creativity into it taking it to another level.

Who rules the world, Girls!

Technically, there are loads of names given to different styles of Street from Breakdancing to Popping to Krumping. Hip Hop is a fairly wide encompassing style of street dance. It is cool and fun and subject to the creativity of the choreographer.

At Strawberry Hill, the street classes are different because their choreographic styles tend to be different. Styles will differ from routine to routine – sometimes including some Street Jazz or Commercial Pop styles for example or in other classes may lean towards breakdancing and power moves for the boys.

Many students enjoy both classes and benefit from the different influences.

Street Dance Exams

The Street Dance Exams were taken at three levels this year with outstanding results – the highest we have ever had. Silver Medal, Gold Bar 1 and Gold Star pupils excelled, achieving glowing marks and reports of which the studio is deservedly proud.

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